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I  have available 8x10 glossy's of any of these Old vegas pics.  All photos were taken by me and i have many more. If you are interested in a particular subject let me know. I have current (2010) photos of many of the areas on the strip and Fremont street. All 8x10 's are priced at $15.00 ea which includes shipping.

Old Fremont st.
Photo by Ray Tutaj Jr. 1994 copyright

Here are a collection of photographs I had taken during the 16 yrs I lived in Vegas, from 1981-1997. Once I seen the city changing so rapidly, I thought I better capture it on film for history sake. During all the years I lived there I never had no desire to gamble and the spirit of the "night life" had a minimal effect. Vegas is a city like others with factories schools, churches and all manner of businesses, but it has an enormous Hotel and casino industry too. In 1981 our family moved there and we all found work quickly. God supplied our needs through that city and ironically if the truth be known, that is were I found Jesus! In the "sin city" You can read more about that subject at 
I also am interested in photography and like many different subjects. After meeting friends who also were photographers I began to get better at producing some pretty fair photos.
  Also I was interested in Trains and the Union Pacific ran right through the heart of the city. Therefore it was easy to get photos of the many hotels in the background. It was alot of hardwork trying to get to and from the photo locations and waiting for the right lighting and such.
From an artistic standpoint I wanted to capture the essence of the Vegas Neon Light life. I love art and I would have to admit the combining of all those lights in such a manner was quite creative.

The Dunes Hotel before it's demise in 1993
Photo by Ray Tutaj Jr.

Photo by Ray Tutaj Jr. 1994

Vegas Vic at left
Ray Tutaj Jr. Photo Copyright 94

Fremont st was so busy with traffic. Not no more.
Now it is set up like a mall for pedestrians only.

Here I was high up on the Plaza Hotel looking down
on Fremont st. Each pic has to be planned out.